"My Counselling session with Deb has helped me so much in many different aspects of my life. I feel very comfortable around Deb and I feel lucky to have her as my counsellor. She is very kind, understanding and non judgemental. I feel extremely grateful for the help she has given me and I would highly recommend her to others."

- Beth | Cheltenham.

"Starting therapy was the scariest step I had ever made, but any stereotype that I had about therapy went out the window when I started my sessions with Deb. Her approach creates such a warm, supportive and adaptive environment where I can freely say whatever I want to say and feel whatever I need to feel without any judgement, Deb teaches me something new every session, about myself, about the world and people around me. More importantly she’s taught me that I’m not broken or damaged, I’m healing, and she quickly became one of the most important relationships in my life."

- Samantha | Gloucester. 


"After losing my husband 10 years ago through suicide I thought that I had gone through the grieving cycle  ( I had received counselling in the first few months). 2 years after his death I had the privilege of meeting a new man and after 8 years we married.  Unfortunately not long after our marriage I began to have horrific dreams of my late husband, I realised I hadn't properly come to terms with his death. After speaking to my G.P she advised me to engage in some counselling. After a bit of researching I found Debs. Debs and I have worked together for just over a year. In that time Debs has been  amazing, compassionate and a wonderful listener. She has an incredible calmness about her and has taught and guided me through this . She has also taught me a lot about myself . I couldn't recommend her more highly."

- Beverley | Gloucester

"I started seeing Deb at a time when my emotions seemed all consuming and overwhelming. Since then she has been by my side through it all. She has helped me to unravel events, explore emotions and view things from a new perspective. Her patience and understanding has given me so much strength. Deb continues to support me as I step into living more freely, and I will be forever grateful for all of her time, advice and care."

- Claire | Cheltenham

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