BCT summary

In 1987 Patricia Sterry combined her research from the medical, psychological and spiritual fields to develop the new and exciting concept of Block Clearance Therapy (BCT) BCT is a method of accessing the subconscious mind to discover the negative patterns and traumas held within our past and present lives. Through understanding, releasing and then repatterning the subconscious it is now possible to overcome all negative thoughts, behaviours attitudes and

The greatest gift of BCT is to understand the lessons on our soul journey, replacing negative emotion with positivity, leaving behind the message without the need to re-live pain. If you wish to explore unhelpful patterns or blocks that seem to stop you from moving forward i.e. unable to achieve success you think you should have, keep attracting the same kind of unhealthy relationships, have negative messages keep replaying in your mind, feel you can’t trust yourself or others or you want to find another way of understanding an illness or condition that you live with and find another way to heal then BCT is a great place to start.

It is expected on average, after initial information gathering sessions, you will only need a session once every 2 weeks if required. Cost of sessions given at enquiry

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The Subconscious mind

Our conscious mind enables us to reason, make choices, decide if we want to do something or not. Our subconscious mind controls our instinctive reactions, our core behaviours, patterns, perceptions – and ultimately – our happiness.  It sets up these patterns and perceptions early on in life, based on our responses and reactions to our experiences.
So much of what we do, think and react to every day is governed by our subconscious mind.  Once it has set up a pattern, it will fight very hard to keep us there.
We are all different, unique.  We all have different patterns, perceptions and responses. When our conscious and subconscious minds work together– we feel strong, powerful, able to achieve. When our conscious and subconscious minds go into battle – it can be really rough, leaving us feeling exhausted, powerless, drained, frustrated, angry, unhappy, fearful, desolate, despairing. When that battle commences - the reason it is so hard? Simple – our subconscious mind is more
powerful!  It doesn’t want to change unless it knows it can do it safely!

We focus on understanding what your subconscious patterns and perceptions are, where and how they were created, why your subconscious has gone into battle with your conscious mind - and ultimately, how to resolve to bring the two back together in a safe way that your subconscious will accept.
I have been working with Block Clearance therapy as a client and therapist since 2011 and am now qualified (awaiting certificate) in Block Clearance Therapy (BCT), pioneered by Patricia Sterry, founder of the Tree of Life Centre in Staverton Gloucestershire.

Clearing Blocks

Whatever area you would like support with, the process we follow BCT, is consistent– to identify the “root cause” of the pattern or issue that you are experiencing, and by understanding how and why it was created, enable your subconscious to release it and replace it with a new pattern instead –
sounds simple!

Typical issues that clients wish to address include:
• Anger
• Stress
• Anxiety
• Fear
• Depression
• Relationship issues
• Family issues
• Bereavement
• Abuse
• Drugs/alcohol addiction
• Feelings of powerlessness
• Fear of failure
• Fear of rejection/abandonment
• Fear of judgement
• Lack of trust
• Lack of worth

Even if you don’t see your item on this list, chances are we have experience of it already.

What a session involves

A session typically lasts 50 minutes.  We start by discussing any relevant issues you wish to cover. Some clients come with very specific areas they want to look at.  Others come not really knowing why they are there, but when we start to talk, the right stuff will always find a way to come out. Based on our conversation we can then formulate a question to ask your subconscious, to allow us to understand a specific issue or “block” that is affecting your life or holding you back. We access your subconscious through a visualisation process. This process enables us to understand what situation created the issue or block, and why, until now, your subconscious believes it is important to hold onto the current belief system. Everyone visualises differently – there is no right or wrong way.  Some people see things in their mind, some people hear things, others just feel things.  The most important thing to remember is you can’t get it wrong – even if you think you are just making things up – your subconscious knows what these “things” mean, even if you don’t.
BCT allows your subconscious to download directly to your conscious mind, which means you are fully aware of everything during the process.


Once the visualisation is complete, we use positive affirmations to reinforce to the subconscious that this block has been cleared.
Not every session needs to include visualisation.  Many clients can easily fill 50 minutes by talking through and understanding consciously what is going on - which can be just as beneficial! We will only do a visualisation if you (and your subconscious) are ready.  We never override or work against what your subconscious is telling us – you are always in control.

Please Note 
All information is strictly confidential.
If you are currently using any drugs, such as heroin, cocaine or marijuana, it is important, if you wish to do any subconscious work, that you have not used within a 12 hour period before your session. If you are interested in seeking help relating to alcohol, please allow 12 hours to elapse after your last drink, before coming to your session.


What if I can’t visualise anything?
Don’t think of an elephant!  What was the first thing that came into your mind?  That is all visualisation is, allowing something to come into your mind (either as a picture, word or feeling) in response to a question or request.  Everyone can do it – the key is not to try too hard and just let it happen.  Common reasons why people think they won’t be able to visualise are due to fear of failure or lack of self trust – both areas we have a lot of experience in working with to address.

I don’t really know what is wrong – I am just not happy – can you help?
You are not alone. Many clients who come are not consciously aware of why, they just know something is not right.  Some clients are just curious because of what people have told them about the therapy. We simply start to talk and believe us, whatever your subconscious mind wants us to address – it will find a way of letting us know.


I have tried all sorts of therapy and I still have issues – why is this any different?
There are many great therapies out there – and different ones work for different people.  A couple of key differences between BCT and many others are a) in BCT you remain in control– your therapist is there to guide you through and interpret the visualisation but does not attempt to override your subconscious and b) BCT aims to get to the “root” of an issue to clear the pattern that is running, as opposed to many other therapies that will use conscious overrides and positive coping strategies to enable you to manage an issue.  We do believe you come to the right therapist and the right therapy at the right time. If your subconscious is finally ready to let an issue go once and for all, then that may be the reason you are reading this now!

How many sessions will I need?
We would love to give you a specific answer for this one but to be honest – everyone is different. There are so many factors that affect the number of sessions – how ready your subconscious is to let go, how many areas you want to address to name a few. Some clients come for a very specific issue, and one session is enough.  Others, like myself, start on this path and become so fascinated they want to address anything and everything!  What we do promise is that we aim to get you to the point that you can address any issues and
move forward as quickly as possible. You are in charge and we will never suggest booking another session if we don’t feel it will really be of value. One of the best things about being a therapist is not needing to see a client anymore!

I’m scared of what might come up in a session
We will only talk about what you are comfortable addressing.  We will never judge you (trust us – most people judge themselves harshly enough without anyone else adding to it!) You are in control, both consciously and subconsciously.  Your subconscious is smart – and it’s job is to keep you safe- we will always work at a pace that you can deal with.
I have been on antidepressants for a long time – is this safe for me? We have many clients who have been or are on medication.  We will discuss your medical history
with you at our initial session.  Most antidepressants are fine for us to complete visualisations, however we would only embark on a visualisation with any client if we feel it is appropriate.  If you are on Lithium based medication, visualisation will not be possible, but we will be happy to work with you on a conscious level.

Are there any medical conditions that would prevent me from benefiting from the therapy?
There are no conditions that absolutely prevent us working with you.  If you are asthmatic, we ask that you bring any inhaler with you – even though we don’t expect you to need it.  If you are epileptic we want to know to ensure we monitor the length of time we remain in any visualisation. We also like to know if you are pregnant for reasons we will explain, but this will not prevent us from working with you!

Do I live too far away to have BCT?
We can do phone or Skype sessions.  Whilst we prefer to meet clients face to face where possible, I
have several clients that I have only ever met via Skype!


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